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Full-service Fill Station in Kamloops – We Are Open 24/7

At Aqua Pure Premium Water, we strive to make it easier for you to enjoy healthy, great-tasting water whenever you need it — day or night. That is why our full-service fill station in Kamloops (along Dalhousie Drive) offers 24-hour water bottle refills. With the help of our seven-stage reverse osmosis system, we create fresh, affordable drinking water that tastes great! So you would be able to enjoy distillation-quality-water at tap-water prices.

For more information about our self-service and full-service water filling stations, call or visit Aqua Pure Premium Water in Kamloops today! We also offer water delivery services to Kamloops homes and businesses.

Refill Your Water Jugs in Five Easy Steps

Despite the municipality’s diligent efforts to enforce water purification guidelines, there have been incidents of tap water contamination. So it is safe to boil your tap water before consumption. However, most people don’t like the taste of boiled water. You can quench your thirst for tasty drinking water when you choose us. With Aqua Pure Premium Water, the process of refilling your water bottles is simple:

You bring your bottles to us

We clean the bottles inside and out

Your bottles are filled with pure water

We cap your water jug and carry it out to your vehicle

Rehydrate and repeat

When Taste and Purity Matter

We adopt seven-stage reverse osmosis to get pure, tasty water.

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