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Your Trusted Choice for Water Delivery Services in Kamloops

At Aqua Pure Premium Water, we understand the value of your time. That is why we make it easy and affordable to have great-tasting, clean water delivered straight to your Kamloops-area home or workplace. Even our payment plans are convenient! Call us for more details on our water delivery services in Kamloops and the surrounding areas.

Do you wonder what makes our water so fresh tasting? If so, you are not alone. We get that compliment very often! We use a seven-stage reverse osmosis system to create some of the best-tasting water you may ever experience. Our BPA-free bottles are available in 3- and 5-gallon configurations. Water delivery services are available to the following communities:







Sun Peaks

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Around 60 to 65 percent of your body consists of water, and it is recommended that you drink 8-10 glasses a day. Some of the salient functions of water include:

Preventing dehydration

Creating saliva

Regulating body temperature

Aiding cognitive functions

Protection of tissues, spinal cord, and joints

Aiding excretion of bodily waste

Stimulating physical performance

Don’t compromise on water consumption. Get pure, great-tasting water delivered to your home or office! Call Aqua Pure Premium Water and ask about our bottled water delivery plans for Kamloops and surrounding areas.

Delivering Pure Water to Kamloops Homes and Businesses

Access to safe drinking water is your right, and it is our responsibility to deliver it on time.

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